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Our Mission

Philosophy and Practices

Founded in 2010, Kiss the Flower Honey Company operates with a deep respect for honeybees and prides itself on offering honey produced with best practices for bees, people, and the planet.

We do not use chemical treatments; we use natural methods and support the bees to do what they do best by keeping a close eye on their needs. Integrity is our bottom line. Kiss the Flower has several apiaries in Sonoma County and close relationships with beekeepers around California, Oregon, and Hawaii.

All our specialty honey varietals are produced with great care of the bees and the earth, from cultivated varieties like Orange Blossom to wild varieties like Black Button Sage.

Meet the Founder

DeWitt abandoned his career in the music industry in his early 40’s to turn his long time passion for bees into something bigger.

DeWitt studied beekeeping and queen bee rearing at UC Davis and then joined the Sonoma County Beekeepers Association in 2005, which is how he was called to collect his very first swarm of bees.

Since then, he’s had up to 100 hives at a time stacked up all over western Sonoma County, producing about 3,000 pounds of honey per year. DeWitt is proud of being known for purveying honey still in the comb. “I’m trying to bring back that method of eating honey,” he explains. “In a time of mass adulteration of honey, honey in the comb is insurance to the consumer that it’s real honey.”

DeWitt has some hives at his Santa Rosa property, but most of them are in West County, where blooming plants like Eucalyptus, Himalayan blackberry, Apples, and Acacias offer a wealth of nectar and pollen to the bees. Ensuring that his honeybees are in an environment rich in water and flowers is important to their health and his livelihood.

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Help Save the Bees

Honey bees are in trouble these days, with beekeepers reporting heavy winter and even summer losses.

The solution to pollinator health is not a simple one. But everyone can help save bees!

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